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Eszter Metzing

Eszter Metzing

Über den Künstler: Eszter Metzing
– Year of birth, location, type of education?
I was born in 1992 in Pécs, Hungary. I am studying at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, graphic department.

– What I really like and what I can’t stand at all
The thing I really like is when I can do what I like to do. I can’t say anything I can’t stand at all, I always try to look at the best side of the situations.

– This puts a smile on your face

– What should you get the Nobel prize for?
I don’t desire a Nobel prize, just a happy life.

– Sunrise or sunset?

– Where will people be able to meet you on an average Friday night?
On a typical Friday night I like sitting outside in the town park with my friends.

– Favourite number/color/insect/song/food?
I haven’t really got a favorite number and I also love all the colors, except black, I don’t like dark colors. My favorite bug is the cimice rossonera. My musical taste is very coloured, but maybe Cocorosie. My favourite food is a fresh fruit salad with joghurt.
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Jungle Life Sloth - Frauenhoodie aus Bio-Baumwolle
Artwork „Jungle Life Sloth“ by Eszter Metzing

Mit ihrer Serie „Jungle Life“, in der Chamäleons, Koalas, Faultiere und Tukans in ihrer ganzen Schönheit in Szene gesetzt werden, will Eszter Metzing auf den Raubbau an Urwäldern und die Zerstörung von Lebensräumen einzigartiger Lebewesen aufmerksam machen: „My work aims to protest against the destruction of virgin forests and to draw attention to the deforestation of the beautiful variety of vegetation. This enviromental damage will also wipe out many beautiful and rare species of animals because their habitats are destroyed. The foliage of the forests hides a wide range of beautiful animals. I chose the colors in order to draw the viewer’s attention to their beauty, wich is maybe in real life not so vibrant and colorful, in fact they often rather want to blend in with the scenery. But I wanted to show how these unique creatures are hiding in the dense vegetation of a virgin forest. The four motifs of the series were created with different color combinationts of watercolors.“

Bitte beachte: Da es sich um einen Unisex-Hoodie handelt und dieser sowohl Männlein als auch Weiblein passen soll, fällt dieser größer aus als übliche Frauengrößen. Als Referenzgrößen empfehlen wir bei 1,70 m und 59 Kg eine XS und bei 1,82 m und 72 Kg eine S.

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